Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Great Goat Let Down

Meet Vanilli (that's right my French mother named our goats Billy, Milli, and Vanilli- she's pretty much amazing). Vanilli gave birth to two kids about a month ago at Carr's Station, the family farm. In the first few days after they were born I spent as much time with them as their mother would allow. Imagine having a puppy disguised as a goat.... that's pretty much what they were like. Anyways, long story short, their addition to our goat herd made me realize that I really wanted to know more about these goats. I signed up for a goat husbandry course that's happening today. I've been looking forward to it for a long time.

Lucky me, I came down with a really gross cold and decided late last night (after my voice disappeared) that waking up at 4AM to drive four and half hours to Bakersville, NC was probably not the smartest idea..... After all i've got hell week coming up printing a bunch of stuff for the ICE Craft Fair in Atlanta next weekend.

My Goat Education will just have to be put on hold for now. In the meantime, anyone who's interested in goat husbandry, milking goats, or goat cheese should look into Goat Song, by Brad Kessler. It's been the most surprisingly enjoying book i've read this year.

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