Thursday, January 21, 2010

Inky Merny + Ponny Imogene

front and back of vintage photograph

McDavid gave this photograph to me about 2-3 years ago. I had stuffed it into one of my moleskine's while I was in art school because I liked having it around all the time. Something about the names of the women in the picture "Inky Merny" and "Ponny Imogene" just seemed so otherwordly. How fantastic that these names could exist and I could be gifted the knowledge of them. Other text on this photograph (in case you don't want to break out the reading glasses, mom): "Phyl, Peg, Milly?, Gus? Inky's Guy, and see if you can clear up the mystery". So much is right about this.

I found it stuffed into my Rosetta Stone box, a few evenings ago, when I was determined to bone up on "mes competences en francais" (although that's probably incorrect). Enjoy thinking about the summer of '42, while I attempt speaking French to a computer screen in the winter of '10.

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