Thursday, October 22, 2009

Be a Kid Day

from DosFamily.

from A+R Store, and designer Hector Serrano

Remember that time I was seriously contemplating buying washable hand tattoos made for children? I don't know which is more depressing me wanting these things so bad, or me purchasing them, opening them up excitedly, and finding out that they're going to be midget sized on my hand because.... I'M NOT 8 anymore. Truthfully, I don't think either of those things is depressing. I think these guys are seriously amazing. Why can't I be an aunt already? Is that too much to ask from older brothers..... tick, tick, tick.

Also, the little surprise fox on the stairs makes me so happy. Whenever I own my first home, you better believe there's going to be little moments like this all over the place. At the Book Arts studio in college there was a grad student who built tiny secret compartments in some of the chairs and walls. I remember when someone showed me the first one, it was just as good as Christmas. That's the stuff that makes it all worth it.

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