Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oktoberfest (cross out f insert b) = OktoberBest

I love October. Favorite month everyday of the week and twice on Sunday, maybe even thrice. I love it because it's time for spiked cider, pumpkins, martha stewart's magazine minions put together like a billion beautiful craft projects (don't cringe McDavid), roasting marshmallows can finally move beyond the confines of my microwave, leaves, cinnamon, Halloween, Halloween movies : and by that I mean Hocus Pocus and Casper, did I mention it's acceptable to get sloshed on apple juice while yielding a big knife and carving into an orange sphere. Yes, October is the best.

Tomorrow a mi casa, we're throwing a little pumpkin carving pot luck shindig. I can't wait. I've already spent an hour today sorting through seasonally themed desserts. Do I make the I-Scream Sandwitches or Brain Cupcakes?! All of this is to say, I need more friends willing to do Saturday brunch with me, and no, i'm not naming my first born October.

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maude said...

your blog is fantastic!