Friday, August 28, 2009

An Epic Wedding, part I


Above: the front of the Save the Date. The outline that you see becomes
a pair of 3-D glasses after it is punched out. *Note: Pince-Nez
is a French term for spectacles in the 19th century that don't have
earpiece supports, hence they "pinch the nose". Click here for a
visual illustration.

Above: The inside with the 3-D image. The image appears slightly blurry
until viewed through the 3-D glasses. Et Voila!

Above: The 3-D glasses, mid-assembly.

Above: The instructions and pieces of assembly that come inside
of the STD as well as a finished pair of 3-D glasses.

Above: Wedding guests took pictures of themselves and sent them in to the
bride- and- groom to be.

I've been putting off posting about this wedding invitation suite for awhile and today is it's day to shine. What you're looking at above is the Save The Date for my brother and future sister-in-law's wedding. Alexis and Alex (she also goes by Bodine) really emphasized the idea that they wanted to throw a fun and elegant party, that just happened to be their wedding. They wanted it to be creative and different, and they wanted to get everybody looking forward to the big day. As I racked my brain for ideas, I knew that I wanted to make something interactive. I wanted guests to have to spend more than just the time it took to open the envelope to think about this wedding. The purpose of the Save the Date is to build anticipation.... I hope we succeeded! Look for the next post that features the wedding invitation itself.

*On another note, please forgive the chipped nail polish in the photographs above, oops!

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