Thursday, August 13, 2009

What makes a good cookbook?

I've got cookbooks on the brain. It's something serious. Over the weekend I discovered la tartine gourmande
. (I don't know why that blog has escaped my attention for so long.... it's AMAZING and GORGEOUS) Then I went to see Julie & Julia, and rediscovered my Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Now, i've been put in charge of compiling a little cookbook for my future sister-in-law. (let's hope she doesn't check my blog daily) Being an avid cooker and having a registry chock full of kitchen gadgets, she can't wait to start playing the Domestic Goddess. Not only that, but it's her bachelorette party this weekend and she made mention that she didn't necessarily want the standard bachelorette gift fare. So, we've traded in edible panties for edible ideas, and all of the attendees are submitting recipes for a cookbook catered to her. (The word play stops here, I promise.)

Recipes are pouring in and now I find myself with the task of putting them all together in a somewhat cohesive way. I'm putting my Book Arts degree to work...... What makes a good cookbook? I've asked a few friends and seem to keep getting the same response. The recipes. Yes, yes, I know this. The recipes. But, I will say that I enjoy some cookbooks for reasons other than the recipes. Currently, my favorite cookbook is Screen Doors and Sweet Tea, by Mrs. Martha Hall Foose. The art direction for the book is stunning, and each recipe comes with a little story. It's like a compilation of Southern Short Stories with the bonus of wonderful recipes.

I'll keep you posted on the cookbook progress.......

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