Friday, August 28, 2009

An Epic Wedding, part II


Above: The wedding invitation, dimensions are roughly 6" x 9" Click
on the image to view full size.

Above: Detail of the wedding invitation.


Above: Front of the RSVP postcard. Below: Detail of front.

Above: Back of the RSVP postcard. Below: Detail of back.

Once the Save the Dates had been sent out it was time to start talking about invitations. As with any design/ client you have to take into account the following factors:

1) What are the couple's likes and dislikes?
2) Where, when, and how are they having their wedding? (think about season, time of day, large or intimate)
4) And finally, turnaround time.

I'm fortunate in that my brother and soon to be sister are pretty much the coolest, sweetest, and most laid back couple you'll ever meet, and they gave me complete creative control. It's not often you get handed that. They both share a deep love of letterpress, and so they were totally up for it when the idea for an old- school boxing poster turned wedding invitation came up. Lucky for me they already had a "faux-fighting" picture I could use. We tried to keep it light- hearted, and I even included a line from one of their favorite movies ("You bet I do", Raising Arizona anyone?)

As for the RSVP, we settled on the idea of an RSVP postcard because it would be more resourceful on both the paper and postage front. (Self-funded weddings during a recession aren't easy!) Also, you may have noticed the cats on the back of the RSVP. Cats, really, on an RSVP? Yes, cats on the RSVP. I ended up featuring Beans and Chicken (the cats) on the back of the RSVP card because they seem to nearly always be a topic of conversation, and yes they are that amazing! (I don't want to hear any murmurings of "cat lady", these kitties are truly adorable). I also left a space for comments on the RSVP, in case anybody had special requests, questions, or wishes. I had a blast printing these, and I think/ hope Alexis and Alex were pleased.

* Alexis and Alex were featured on both Brooklyn Bride and Brokelyn this past week for a really nice engagement photo shoot that their wedding photographer, Di Bezi, did. She and her partner are amazing!

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