Friday, January 8, 2010

Chicken and Cat

So, surprise, surprise. Things are busy. Really busy. Like brief emotional breakdown eminent busy. Regardless, everything will get done because it has to. The top two pictures are of a chicken paper cut I recently finished for a group exhibition that opens next week at Zygote in Cleveland. The top picture shows the "headpiece" for the chicken, sans eyeball. The second one is the chicken before the headpiece addition. Light and white paper can do some pretty amazing things.

Also- new development in my life. I got a Christmas kitty. Meet Yonah. The new love of my life and my very first pet after entering adulthood. As you may or may not remember I posted something about a cat named chicken a few months ago. I thought i'd just push the cat/chicken thing into "blog motif" mode, as these two animals seem to be a pattern in my life. Yonah likes to ride on my shoulders just like Chicken did... I had my fingers crossed i'd get a cat that liked to do that. I'm pretty sure I can train her to spell out words with her cat food and take her on the road. Letterpress + Carnie Tag Team?

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kidharmonium said...

Hooray for Yonah and Chicken! Hooray for BPP!

Love the paper.