Saturday, September 26, 2009


Now before you start thinking, "why the hell am i looking at these pictures together? and isn't taking pictures of yourself in the mirror kind of myspace 5 years ago?" let me explain. Yesterday was a big day for me. I roasted my first whole chicken. Not really noteworthy for most people, but for some reason I was mighty proud of myself. You can imagine that a lady who's proud of the fact that she cooked her first whole chicken can't possibly be expected to carve it, and so, the duty was passed off to my friend Brent who came over for the occasion. (see 2nd picture from the top) Well, guess who ended up resigning from carving duty due to performance anxiety and poor knife skills (see 2nd picture from top).... Brent. So yes, I ended up carving it. It ain't differential calculus folks.

On to explaining the top and bottom pictures. The top picture is of a fork and knife I bought at Erie Basin in Red Hook that i'm kind of in love with. You have to eat chicken with something so, it kind of fits. The bottom picture is of me and my brother's cat, named CHICKEN. (see it all makes sense now, right?) I'm cat sitting for him while he is off honeymooning. Chicken is known for hopping up on Alexis' shoulder like a pirate's parrot, but she's never been comfortable enough to do it with me. Well, never say never because she spent about 20 minutes on my shoulders during coffee time this morning. Now who's a pirate?!


Rich Polinski said...

My Susie used to do that all the time. I could, and sometmes did, walk around the house with her up there. Wwwrrraaaccckkk! Polly want some Little Friskies?

kidharmonium said...

I can't believe you tried to steal my parrot!