Monday, September 14, 2009

Here's looking at you kid.

This is a video that was shot in our studio, by my brother/director (who is seriously the best), a few weeks ago while we were printing his wedding invitation. It gives you a sense of what it is that we do once we are past the pre-press work. I am in no way a letterpress expert, although i'm almost positive there are no gross inaccuracies, so forgive me if your views/ methods differ. McDavid doesn't appear in the video due to a brief bout of camera shyness.

Yay letterpress!

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Rich Polinski said...

Excellent video and I was really glad to hear you knew the correct terminology. So many don't take the time to learn and how can one know a craft when they don't know what things are called or why? Just a pet peeve of mine. Make some more videos!